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Extended Abstracts

We invite submissions of extended abstracts of ongoing or already published work. Authors are given the opportunity to promote their work to an extended audience in all areas covered by the workshop, including, but not limited to:

  • 3D object detection
  • Object detection in depth images
  • Joint registration of multiple 3D objects
  • 6 DoF object pose, under heavy occlusions and background clutters
  • Occlusion-aware segmentation
  • Bin-picking
  • 3D object tracking
  • Surface representation and fitting
  • Non-rigid (deformable or articulated) object registration
  • 3D object modelling
  • Multiple object instance detection
  • Object class (category) detection

    Extended abstracts are limited to two pages. Authors are free to use any format available, e.g. the ICCV 2015 word or LaTex templates tar or zip.

    The submission must be sent to iccv.3dpose.2015@gmail.com no later than 15 November 2015.

    (If you want your information to be included in the ICCV program, the deadline is strict 15 October).



    Following the success and popularity of other challenges in object detection in 2D images, we want to establish a new challenge (comprised of 4 sub-challenges) in the area of 6 DoF object detection, which, to our knowledge, is the first of each kind. Each challenge will include and gradually be enriched with numerous test scenes and objects, including their 3D models. You can apply your method to our data and submit your results. We will evaluate submitted results according to multiple metrics and display the scores for comparison. For more information please visit the respective website of the individual challenge.

    Challenge #1

    Imperial College London

    Multi-Instance & Bin-picking Object Challenge

    Challenge #2

    TU Dresden

    Articulated Object Challenge

    Occluded Object Challenge

    Challenge #3

    TU Graz & EPFL

    3D Rigid Tracking from RGB Images Challenge

    Challenge #4

    Czech Tech. University

    T-LESS Textureless Object Challenge

    Challenge #5

    University of Birmingham

    Highly Occluded Object Challenge