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Picking Performance Evaluation by using Fast Graspability Evaluation on Single Depth Maps, Y. Domae, R. Kawanishi, H. Fujiyoshi, M. Hashimoto, S. Akizuki

Combined Point Cloud and Appearance-Based Object Detection for Grasping Rigid and Non-Rigid Objects, H. Fujiyoshiy, T. Yamashita, Y. Yamauchi, R. Murata, T. Hasegawa, M. Kaneko, Y. Murai, M. Hashimotoyy, S. Akizuki, M. Nagase, Y. Sakuramoto, S. Takei, S. Itoh, Y. Domaeyyy, R. Kawanishi, K. Shiratsuchi, R. Haraguchi, M. Fujita

Efficient 6D Pose Estimation of Texture-less Objects from a Single RGB Image,E. Munoz, Y. Konishi, V. Murino, A. Del Bue

Object Extraction via Stereo Matching and GrabCut, H. Son, J. Lee, S. Lee

Recognition of 3D shapes from partial point clouds, T. Sziranyi, Z. Rozsa

A Dataset for Improved RGBD-based Object Detection and Pose Estimation for Warehouse Pick-and-Place, C. Rennie, R. Shome, K. E. Bekris and A. F. De Souza

Supervised Nonlinear Factorization for Object Pose and Category Recognition, T. O. El-Gaaly, A. Elgammal, A. Bakry

Latent-Class Hough Forests for 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation, A. Tejani, D. Tang, R. Kouskouridas, T-K. Kim

Active Random Forests: An application to Autonomous Unfolding of Clothes, A. Doumanoglou, T-K. Kim, X. Zhao, S. Malassiotis

Pose Estimation of Kinematic Chain Instances via Object Coordinate Regression, F. Michel, A. Krull, E. Brachmann, M. Y. Yang, S. Gumhold, C. Rother

Learning Analysis-by-Synthesis for 6D Pose Estimation in RGB-D Images, A. Krull, E. Brachmann, F. Michel, M. Y. Yang, S. Gumhold, C. Rother

A Novel Representation of Parts for Accurate 3D Object Detection and Tracking in Monocular Images, A. Crivellaro, M. Rad, Y. Verdie, K. M. Yi and P. Fua, V. Lepetit

UoB Highly Occluded Object Challenge, K. Walas, A. Leonardis